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Welcome! If you’ve been searching for a travel blog that focuses on exploring the offbeat and eco-conscious way, you’re in the right place.

I’m Katie, a freelance travel writer and travel blogger by profession and a full-time curious soul. I designed my adventurous and offbeat travel blog to help everyone get out of their comfort zones and learn more about the world.

As a soon-to-be digital nomad who has spent six years writing about travel, I decided to put all my knowledge into one place, so that you too can create a memorable escape. Ultimately, this is travel blog for adventures that are offbeat, mindful, offbeat and push your limits.

So, take a look around!

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What is ‘offbeat travel’?

Simply put, offbeat travel refers to looking beyond the ordinary tourist activities, destinations, and experiences. It means discarding any pre-conceived ideas you might have about a destination and digging deeper.

This, in my opinion, is fundamental to the travel experience – challenging your assumptions and looking beyond the surface.

Here are my top tips for offbeat travel:

  1. Think experiential. Hands-on experiences where you can appreciate a way of living first-hand will help you muster a more genuine understanding of a culture, destination or activity.
  2. Don’t avoid popular tourist destinations. Look for their less-visited neighbourhoods, talk to locals, and see what made the destination tick before tourists flooded in.
  3. Stay or travel with a local. Whether that means chatting to someone at a bar or staying in a homestay, locals have insider’s knowledge on (to use the corny phrase) ‘undiscovered gems’. Don’t ask ‘Where should I eat?’. Instead, ask ‘Where do you eat?’.
  4. Consider your impact. While having an offbeat mission is great, don’t overstep any boundaries and definitely do not intrude upon anyone’s personal space. Ask permission, act respectfully, and be mindful of how your presence can impact other people.
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Offbeat Travel Blog

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