Destination: Cuba


Looking at making Cuba your next destination? The following guides and tips cover some of the essentials you’ll need to prepare for your trip to Cuba, as well as inspiration for travel to small-town destinations, wild swimming holes, waterfalls, and white-sand beaches.

Guide to Topes de Collantes Cuba: The Best Hikes and Where to Stay

If you’re intrigued by the idea of wild swimming holes, waterfalls, and dense jungle, don't waste any time in bookmarking Topes de Collantes Cuba as one of your next destinations. Located between Trinidad and Cienfuegos in central Cuba, Parque Natural Topes de Collantes will take you away from salsa [...]

Complete Cuba Packing List: Essentials and Insiders’ Tips

A comprehensive Cuba packing list is arguably the most important thing you need when you’re preparing to jet off for the country’s chock-a-block cities, Caribbean beaches, and jungle. Unlike many other global destinations, Cuba isn’t the type of place where you can just rock up and pick up any [...]

Dress code in Cuba: What to pack and wear, day and night

What is the dress code in Cuba? Is it the long, floaty dresses and flowery shirts that you see on Instagram and in travel brochures? Should you dress modestly? Does the dress code vary depending upon the towns and cities you visit? What should you wear to the beach [...]

The 10 best things to do in Trinidad Cuba – Guide to Trinidad, Cuba

If you’ve got as far as searching for the best things to do in Trinidad Cuba, it’s likely that you’ve already noticed that this central Cuban town has something special. Perhaps you’ve seen pictures of terracotta tiles glinting in the sunlight or rooftop terraces where residents string up their [...]

Guide to the Parque Guanayara Waterfalls in Cuba

Have you heard of the Parque Guanayara waterfalls in Cuba? The most common answer is no. Even if you are based in Trinidad or Cienfuegos in central Cuba and ask a local for 'swimming holes near Cienfuegos' or 'waterfalls near Trinidad', the Guanayara waterfalls are unlikely to be the [...]

The best beaches Havana: A guide to Playas del Este

Pull up a map of Havana and you’ll soon see that the city is right next to the sea, but does that mean that a quick Google search for ‘beaches Havana’ will render you lots of easily-accessible sandy beaches? Surprisingly, that's not the case. Havana is not a beach [...]


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