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You’re probably here to get to know a little more about the author behind Escape Artist Katie. Well, I’m Katie, a 24-year-old travel writer who’s been in the industry since the ripe age of 19 and a digital nomad. It’s nice to meet you!

I’ve always had the travelling bug. I was lucky enough to leave my homeland Wales once a year growing up and as soon as I turned 17, I took off on an inter-railing trip around Europe. After keeping up my travels (and funding them with part-time jobs), I started writing about my adventures for a national magazine aged 19.

Since then, I’ve forged out a career as a freelance travel writer after working an office job for a year to build my experience, which I quickly realised wasn’t my calling. I’ve gathered a lot of intel along the way and grown to realise the importance of travelling in eco-conscious, offbeat way.

So, I created my blog Escape Artist Katie to push others outside of their comfort zones, gain an appreciation and understanding for others, and nurture the curiosity that we’re all born with. I’m also a soon-to-be digital nomad who will be sharing all of the tips, tricks, and adventures I find on the journey.

I’m glad you’re here to join me on the ride!

Postcard pictures of the author in different destinations

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