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10 Best Resorts in Sumatra for a Luxury Escape

10 Best Resorts in Sumatra for a Luxury Escape

Staying at one of the best resorts in Sumatra will set your holiday up for success. Indonesia’s largest island does not have a huge collection of luxury resorts, but the ones that it does have are extremely memorable.

There are highland resorts, surrounded by mountains, volcanoes, and typical Sumatran farmland. There are island resorts erected on powdery beaches. Then, there are the handfuls of resorts at Lake Toba in north Sumatra, which is the world’s largest crater lake.

In the south, Belitung island has many of the best resorts in Sumatra, including the five-star Sheraton Belitung Resort.

On the west coast, the Mentawai Islands are also famous for their surf resorts which offer surfing coaching or packages as part of the experience.

I have put together the 10 best Sumatra resorts this year, including five, four and three-star resorts across the north, west and south of the island.

As a travel journalist, I keep track of new openings on the island and keep this guide up to date annually with any exceptional newcomers.

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The Best Luxury Resorts in Sumatra

Best Luxury Resorts in Lake Toba

Taman Simalem Resort is a hilltop resort with views over the world’s largest crater lake. Its four-star facilities and golf course should leave a lasting impression.

Best Luxury Resorts in Lake Toba:

Best Luxury Island Resort

Sheraton Belitung Resort is a five-star resort with a swimming pool, gym and spa on a powdery private beachfront.

Best Luxury Island Resorts:

Best Highlands Resort

Sinabung Hills Berastagi is a well-known highlands resort with views of active volcanoes. It’s great for family trips.

Best Highlands Resort in Sumatra:

Best Surf Resort

Awera Resort in the Mentawai Islands has a boutique collection of villas and bungalows with private swimming pools. It is positioned in a bay with three wave breaks and offers surf packages.

Best Surf Resorts in Sumatra:

Where to Stay in Sumatra for Luxury Resorts

1. Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Blue water in the morning at Lake Toba, a backpacking Sumatra destination.
Views from Pusuk Buhit mountain on Samosir Island in Lake Toba.

Lake Toba is the world’s largest crater lake. It was formed millions of years ago, following a volcanic eruption.

As well as being a bucket-list destination, it has a generous handful of luxury resorts.

Samosir Island, the island in the centre of the crater lake, has the largest number of resorts. It is particularly popular for watersports and beach days. This is the lake’s main tourist centre.

Other resorts are located on the mainland, especially in the hills of Parapat and provide some of the best views of the full crater.

Resorts in Lake Toba:

Learn more about Lake Toba in my Samosir Island and Lake Toba travel itinerary.

My guide to the best hotels in Lake Toba covers additional luxury, budget and value-for-money hotels at the crater lake.

2. Belitung, East Sumatra

Traditional Indonesian boats on a white beach on Belitung Island.
Traditional Indonesian boat sailing between islands in Belitung, Sumatra.

Belitung is a tropical island located just off the east coast of Sumatra. It is widely considered to be one of the best Indonesian islands for a beach getaway, largely because of its calm waters and sizeable collection of luxury resorts, including a Sheraton.

The two main islands, Tanjung Tinggi and Tanjung Kelayang, have distinctive round granite boulders.

The main town, Tanjung Pandan, has a brightly-coloured harbour and Dutch colonial architecture.

Snorkelling and watersports are some of the main callings in Belitung, making it a great place to unwind after visiting some of Sumatra’s more adventurous or physically-challenging destinations.

Resorts in Belitung:

3. Berastagi, North Sumatra

A farm field and colourful rooves are framed by clouds and a volcano in Berastagi.

In the Karo Highlands of North Sumatra, Berastagi is most famous for its volcanoes, Mount Sinabung and Mount Sibayak.

The former, Mount Sibayak, is a popular place for hiking; the volcano has not erupted in the past 100 years. Tourists can also visit the ghost villages destroyed by Mount Sinabung and farmsteads or markets within the surrounding highlands.

Berastagi’s only resort is Sinabung Hills Berastagi (£££). It is a popular holiday destination for the wealthy in Medan. If you want to escape the city for the cooler climate of the highlands or to hike Mount Sibayak, it’s a great choice.

4. Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra

A surfer rides a large wave next to an island with palm trees in Mentawai Island.

The Mentawai Islands on the west coast of Sumatra have some of the best surfing conditions in southeast Asia.

That’s not all, however. They also have white-sand beaches, great coral reefs, and a semi-nomadic tribe (the Mentawai tribe) which permits a limited number of visitors to observe their way of life for several days in the jungle. The tribe is one of the oldest in Indonesia.

The islands have a fairly large collection of surf hotels and resorts, although the majority of them are only rated one or two stars. Nevertheless, there are still some luxurious resorts, including Awera Resort (£££) which has boutique villas and good surf packages.

What to Expect From the Best Resorts in Sumatra

The first thing you need to know is that many budget guesthouses in Sumatra will label themselves as a ‘resort’ in the hope of attracting more guests. They are not necessarily luxurious.

Sinabung Hills Resort in Berastagi with a large swimming pool and landscaped garden.

Sinabung Hills Resort

If you want to stay at a luxury resort in Sumatra, check that they have a four- or five-star rating. Many three-star resorts are also of a good standard but lack the extensive facilities that you can get at higher-rated establishments.

Genuine luxury Sumatra resorts have a very high standard of hospitality.

You won’t find luxury resorts in smaller locations like Bukit Lawang. The best hotels in Bukit Lawang are mostly smaller guesthouses. Most of the resorts on the island are concentrated around Lake Toba, Belitung Island and the Mentawai Islands.

Large, modern terraces next to the glass building at Taman Simalem Resort in Lake Toba.

Taman Simalem Resort

A standard room at most four- or five-star resorts in Sumatra will cost between £100 and £300.

For £250 +, you can expect to have your own villa or bungalow, often with a private swimming pool.

10 Best Resorts in Sumatra

1. Sheraton Belitung Resort

Location: Belitung, East Sumatra

Reviews: 8.8/10

Price: £££

Part of the Marriott group, Sheraton Belitung Resort is a five-star resort with luxury villas and sweeping views over a white-sand beach. Tanjung Kelayang beach is ideal for snorkeling, diving and sunset picnics.

The calm, neutral designs are just what you would expect from a beachfront island resort. Better yet, there’s also a swimming pool with a poolfront bar. Guests can also unwind in the spa or well-equipped gym and dine at one of the two restaurants.

For golfers, the Black Rocks Golf Club is a few minutes’ drive away from the resort.

Facilities: Swimming pool, bar, 2 restaurants, gym, spa, and Wi-Fi.

2. Taman Simalem Resort

Location: Lake Toba

Reviews: 8.1/10

Price: £££

If you’re keen to strike Lake Toba off your bucket list and luxury is non-negotiable, Taman Simalem Resort is the best resort outside of Samosir Island.

Located on a hilltop with 510 acres and memorable views of the crater, it has a refreshing breeze. That’s part of the deal when you’re sleeping 1,200 metres above sea level.

The teahouse restaurant and two coffee shops use ingredients from the hotel’s organic farm. Other facilities include a three-hole golf course, and for kids, a three-tier labyrinth. Lodges and villas are among the resort’s many accommodation types.

Facilities: Restaurant, 2 coffee shops, small golf course, massages, kids’ dipping pool, maze, flower nursery, adult and kids’ activities, and Wi-Fi.

3. Awera Resort

Location: Mentawai Islands, West Sumatra

Reviews: 4.6/5 (Google)

Price: £££ 

The Mentawai Islands are famous for their surf. However, many of the resorts fall short of expectations.

Not Awera Resort: its 10 luxury villas each have a private infinity pool overlooking the jungle and ocean, a huge bathroom and artwork from the islands’ craftsmen.

The resort offers add-on surfing packages so that guests can ride their biggest wave yet. There’s also a thermal spa, a beach bar and a restaurant with a grill and wood oven.

Facilities: Private infinity pools, surf packages or rental, boat hire, restaurant, thermal pool, spa, yoga sessions, beach bar, and Wi-Fi.

4. Sinabung Hills Berastagi

Location: Berastagi, North Sumatra

Reviews: 7.6/10

Price: £££ 

Sinabung Hills Berastagi has built a solid reputation as one of the best Sumatra resorts. Its views are a big part of that reputation, as it overlooks active volcanoes and the highlands of north Sumatra.

The resort is well-suited to families, as there are Deluxe rooms suitable for four people and cottages.

The large pool is a central point of the gardens, but paint-balling, basketball, tennis and the karaoke bar also prove to be popular facilities.

Facilities: Swimming pool, sports activities, karaoke bar, kids’ playground, shop, 24-hour room service, and Wi-Fi.

5. Bobocabin Kaldera

Location: Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Reviews: 9.1/10

Price: £££ 

Bobocabin Kaldera is not your typical luxury resort. The Bobobox brand creates luxury glamping resorts with luxury cabins or pods in prime Indonesian destinations.

Located on the south side of Lake Toba with views over the crater lake, this will give you the complete camping experience without you needing to sacrifice any creature comforts.

Facilities: Firepit, watersports packages and private bathrooms.

6. Arumdalu Private Resort

Location: Belitung, East Sumatra

Reviews: 4.5/5 (Google)

Price: £££ 

Stroll out of your villa and into a private swimming pool. Arumdalu Private Resort is an eco-friendly resort which has villas with private pools.

It also has one of the best seafood restaurants in Belitung and an organic farm.

Whether you’re visiting for adventure or wellness activities, the resort has a wide programme of activities, including fishing, Batik painting, kayaking and foraging or urban farming.

Facilities: Private swimming pools, private beach, seafood restaurant, watersports, dry cleaning, meeting facilities, organic farm, room service, hot tub, and activities programmes.

7. Marianna Resort and Convention Tuktuk Samosir

Location: Lake Toba (Tuktuk), North Sumatra

Reviews: 8.3/10

Price: £££ 

Marianna Resort and Convention Tuktuk Samosir was the first five-star resort to hit Lake Toba. Part of the Marclan Collection, it has a wellness centre, free bicycles, a gym, a business centre, a pool, restaurant, and a rooftop bar with views over the crater.

It is located on Samosir Islan, which has an ancient Batak culture and beaches. The hotel also has villas, rooms and suites to choose from.

Facilities: Swimming pool, restaurant, rooftop bar, spa, gym, business centre, free bicycles, and Wi-Fi.

8. Leebong Island Resort

Location: Belitung, East Sumatra

Reviews: 8.3/10

Price: £££

Leebong Island Resort is a three-star resort in the southwest of Belitung Island. When it comes to island living, this resort excels at creating the complete island experience.

The wooden villas are located on a white-sand beach with palm trees. They have access to beach gazebos, a beachfront restaurant, shop and a children’s playground.

The resort can arrange typical island activities, including watersports, bonfires, bicycles, snorkelling, yoga and nyuloh (a traditional activity involving shrimp or crab hunting at low tide in the dark).

Reminiscent of the famous Maldives resorts, some of the villas at Leebong Island Resort are erected on stilts above the ocean.

Facilities: Restaurant, shop, beach gazebos, playground, watersports, activities, and Wi-Fi.

9. Freddies Santai Sumurtiga

Location: We Island, North Sumatra

Reviews: 8.2/10

Price: £££ 

On We Island in the far north of Sumatra, Freddies Santai Sumurtiga balances budget with luxury. It is a small resort with local staff and villas built from materials from Sabang and Aceh.

Eco-oriented, the resort was constructed from second-hand coral and only involved chopping down seven coconut trees over a period of eight years.

Take your pick from sea-view villas, family rooms, beachfront bungalows, and economy rooms. We Island is an excellent destination for snorkelling, free diving, or taking a lazy beach holiday.

Facilities: Restaurant, private beach area, terrace, activities, and Wi-Fi.

10. Samosir Villa Resort

Location: Lake Toba, North Sumatra

Reviews: 8/10

Price: £££ 

With lakefront pools and a prime location on Samosir Island, Samosir Villa Resort is a wise choice for those who want a luxury stay at Lake Toba.

Guests can grab a cocktail at the bar or tuck into grilled Jahir fish with Batak sauce in the restaurant, before basking by the pool.

Facilities: Restaurant, 2 swimming pools, fitness centre, playground, meeting rooms, tours, and Wi-Fi.

Summary: Best Resorts in Sumatra for Couples

Best Resorts in Sumatra for Solo Travellers

Best Resorts in Sumatra for Families

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